Jillian’s Pick

Jillian Tamaki’s illustration under the heading ‘The Goblin Market’ on his website.

Hello, Im Kinza Ahmed. An 18 year old student who wants to try everything out that life has to offer (of course, only the positive happenings, the negative can die as far as I’m concerned.. Oh wait..).

So, now to the reason behind the impregnation, and the eventual birth, of this text-log of my mental concerns and ambitions. I know, writing a blog on one’s own life and thinking is sort of clichĂ©, and mostly not done too well, hardly any blogs get really popular, and even the ones that do are usually within a niche of audience that may or may not interest you in the long term. 

Albeit, all blogs are more or less the same. I am not ashamed to say that yes, I will post things/texts that I think are right/wrong/interesting/new/amusing/smart/creepy/overall-ly worth it.. I think blogging is very therapeutic because there’s all of a sudden an outlet to your thoughts, likes and dislikes etc.. There may be hundreds, if not thousands, of people out there with the same interests like you and what you write may make them happy for the mere reason that others think the same way as they do, or even for just entertainment purposes, which is a good cause in today’s world where so much is disturbing and worrying us, and not only personal things.. Nonetheless, personal blogs are always unique and, somehow, never short in supply. Positive things should not only be pursued, but shared as well, to make others around us feel better and inspired to live happily and look forward to what comes next. 

Now a word on this illustration. I love how it depicts what I want to blog about, and the reason behind it, exactly. For example, how the, likely feminine, hand is touching something random and eyes staring up at it. I want to blog about things that I ‘picked’ up, or will ‘pick’ up, and how people will view it. Although, the eyes in the picture seem negative, while I know you guys are anything but evil, so..

I will blog at ‘spuh-rad-ic’-ly, but please be patient, since I am very excited about this particular blog sort.

Goodnight, owls.

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