Historical Proof

This illustration somehow felt right. 

There will always be times when I look back onto my life and think about all the things that I should/should not have done. Everything could’ve been different if only there were some issues settles, and mistakes undone. Some things if unsaid would’ve been better for more than one person involved in the intricate web of complications that we draw each other, along with ourselves, into. It amuses me how so many things that I think about that had happened in the past may seem so tiny but would have a major long term effect on everyone involved, of which they may or may not be aware of, but that’s besides the point.

But then I unwind myself from all the psychological mess I’ve spread around me and think over the person I am and can be in the next interaction or thought or action or whatever it is that I am involved in consciously… If I want to become better or live regretting what I didn’t do and whatever mistakes I committed. Then I also realise, how I should be actually happy that I have come to a mental state better than my previous self and how I have grown up mentally and can keep growing in the positive direction. Also, how all the things that have ever happened to me or whatever I’ve done and achieved in my life so far hasn’t gone to waste, instead it made me the better person I am today who can reason with herself and accept winning and losing scenarios in the same fashion. 


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