Its Really The Tiny Things

A meow awakens me each morning followed by, the cutest thing cats do, the pressing of one paw at a time on my back. Forcing my head from under the quilt, just to give Cherie the okay signal with a look, I see the most prettiest face on earth (at least to me) and I am taken over with emotion, and of course everyone knows what happens after that.

After that, breakfast comes along with the blessings of a heater (which people in villages cannot enjoy; I would know). I cant describe how wonderful it feels when an external things warms one up, I don’t take it as a do-it-yourself sort of thing, should be understood that external things are supposed to warm a human up.

Anyway, all these small things and, of course, the realisation of their existence, make my day so much more worth being in and a part of. Which leads me to thinking of people taking their days for granted (wont even mention the people who don’t have anything to take granted for, that’s a whole new chapter). How sad are they? I mean, you need to be completely dead from within to be not effected by all the small things that enrich our days and make them different from the previous, even if it is slightly. I may have been exaggerating slightly in the previous sentence, but it has to be somewhat true. You need to be completely self centred to not be able to see that. Of course, there’s a very big collection of people who have never been encouraged, supported or simply motivated enough to be involved in something bigger than their own tiny issues that held no significance to the amount of stuff taking place around them.

Moral of the story: Boo to taking-for-grant-ers. 

This may be considered as hate mail, if you’re very sensitive. But if you’re not, then CHANGE. No one gets lucky with a dead person. 


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