How can one help when he has stirrings (word inspired from a Johnny Depp motion picture that I cant remember) within his deepest hole of emotion that needs to be filled with, not jealousy, but envy?

Viewing a rather huge amount of significance in others, I sat in front my ThinkPad, thinking of all the time I’ve spent arguing over who pronounced a word correctly, or what’s French for love and hate, and how Zodiac signs depict a person’s personality awe-struck-ingly well. I could’ve moved my not-so-fat butt and done things at a much younger, and in some cases, appropriate age. 
Reading, and reviewing in my mind, all those almost-wonderfully-text-y pieces of writing, I got a feeling of how they all actually thought it to be understood that people want to read what happens in their house, or at work, or how their child was so annoying, and how all the world can think of nothing else but how eventful things can be. Truth is, people want to read it. The downside? Self proclamation. Its definitely amusing to read about funny happenings, especially when its local you connect to it tenfold. Of course, a fellow human’s life is entertaining, but the effects it brings on the said human’s personality/life/thinking is yet to be mentioned in any of the blogs/websites I’ve visited. Sure, events are worth mentioning, and so, enjoying, over and over again, but its always far more satisfying to read what changes did some odd event incur on what person. 
The afore mentioned writers, and such, have been inducing emotions in me that I may, or may not, be proud of (depending on the moment in time, and my mood). I will shamelessly say that they were all much more, umm, amusing and frequent than both my blogs put together. I am reading The Aafster Life, right now. And am very much into it. She has also won an award, declaring her ‘Best Diarist’.


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