The Banned Ahmedis

Are they really trying to convince us that not consuming Shezan’s (one of our largest manufacturers of edible things in Pakistan) products is of national interest because it’s owned by the Ahmadis?

Oh, come on!

Sure they come from a different set of thoughts, and believe Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Sahib to be a prophet and also believe in the Quran – which contradicts their ideology, as Allah says there will be no prophet after Muhammad (PBUH). But that’s ignorable, as we know that the real truth lies within the Quran and that anything/anyone that offers a different angle to this din is very misguided. Since it does not matter who said what, especially over Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) word, who himself said that my main sunnat/hadith is the holy Quran itself! But of course, the devil must twist someone’s mind down the lineage road and mislead many others who don’t want to act on clear instructions.
It is really mind-boggling how different sects declaring/believing in the same God, and book, re fighting against each other as if they were enlightened on the subject by some holy text. Many even would argue how Allah mentions that Muslims should fight their enemies have got to be followed in the most subtle meanings.
[Now viewpoints must change, and a comparison drawn up if we want to fair in judging the situation and their anger].

First, the Ahmadis: They believe in Islam, and call themselves Muslim. Just like Sunnis. But their religion changes course when they start believing that a guy named Mirza Ghulam Ahmad from India, who claimed that he had gotten revelations from the heavens on many occasions, or in other words, a Mujaddid, was the promised messiah (second coming of Jesus Christ). He was the founder of The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, which would follow his guidance and would somewhat be under his wing. Meanwhile, many of his community members even settled in Pakistan, where they were treated differently, and in many cases, abusively. Pakistan’s lower-middle and lower classes, especially, would treat Ahmadis in a different manner and in a very biased fashion. Some even condemning them to hell’s eternal fire, God’s wrath, and a general enemy to the more pure Muslim society of the Sunnis. (More detail on this here).

Now, the Sunnis: There isn’t much to where they come from, really. They are all believers in the basic and fundamental beliefs that Quran brought along with, nothing other than that – except some give importance to Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) more than his message, the Quran, which is absurd. But there is one major place where they are making a blunder in. Even though their concepts are noble, they have given more importance to the practices mentioned in the Quran (Salah, fasting, charity etc.), over it’s message (of human growth and welfare). This is more of a culture-like following, than a din (way of life/code of life).
So, understanding that both sides are slightly off their path of Din, we can say that both of them are at fault. Not so.

Allah says, in the holy Quran, that Muslims should fight their enemies. Enemy is a word given to people who purposefully is interfering with what you preach and have faith in. But at the same time, the very same God says, that everyone has a right to believe whatever they want, and there is no jabar (forceful action) in my Din. Now this just confuses our people, even when the message is oh-so obvious. The latter is to be applied at all times, and in daily life. The former, though, is to be taken action upon under more severe consequences.
But one thing that pushes the Ahmadis in the shadow is this: Mirza Ghulam Ahmad declared that Jesus (Isa) had in fact survived the crucifixion and later died a natural death after having migrated towards Kashmir, and that he had appeared in the spirit and power of Jesus.

Now, that’s just wrong and slightly pushing it.

We can agree on this, although, that no matter what they say, everyone has an equal right and freedom to believe and say what they want… Even if it’s wrong.

Also, this is against the law of consumerism and capitalism.

More detail on the situation of the banned juice:
This decision was launched by the Lahore Barrister Association, and voted in favor for by a hundred educated lawyers.


5 thoughts on “The Banned Ahmedis

  1. ARSALAN says:


    are u serious??? what is wrong with u??? how can 2 people be one? how can 2 +2 = 1?
    how can ahmadis, sunnis, shias, etc etc be one??? for crying out loud!!
    in case u didnt notice or havent researched very well, the sunnis are the CLOSEST followers of both the Qur’an & Sunnah’s of Prophet Muhammad (May Allah bring peace & Blessings upon him). dont misguide others by saying “their practicing one thing & leaving the other” that is your wrong research & retarded one @ that too!

    also, how in the name of Allah, can the ahmadis & shia’s considered people of the book?? the shias have re-written the 1st Kalima, also known as the “tayyiba” in arabic as for their own purpose.. they revel Prophet Abu Bakr, who was the Prophet’s Best friend & 1st Caliph
    the ahmadis dont believe in the coming of Jesus Christ as the last signs of Judgment day

    & honestly, where did u bring up the law of cunsumerism crap???
    & sorry, nobody is entitled to say ANYTHING of his own accord, when it comes to religion

    Prophet Muhammad (May Allah’s blessings & peace be upon him) said “whoever invents anything,not according to our religion, will have it rejected”


    • I never said they were equal. Just that they both called themselves Muslims and we are in no position to point fingers, when sunnis have severely gone off track as well.. The Ahmadis have one major issue, the guy that they follow. But then again dont major sects of sunnis give more importance to our Prophet instead of God himself?
      If youre not aware, shias were a political party and they started a campaign to put light on other important men as well. The problem they have is that they completely disregarded Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in the process in a very backward fashion.

      And next time, please behave and keep in mind that the author may have his own opinions (and this article is major-ly based on facts) and even you have no right to abuse someone else’s freedom just because you disagree.


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