Perception Of Facts (For Now)

Illustration by Jillian Tamaki

One of the many facets to human kind is that of perception and the reaction to your own and other people’s perception. That’s all well and good, but the problems resides in the fact that perceptions can be faulty. Now, to be completely immune to society’s damaging effects and even your own negativity is, quite frankly, impossible. Its better to realise and accept that fact and try to work on yourself to avoid situations that lead to misunderstandings.

Personally, I have come across hundreds of situations where the problem’s base were two things: perception and reaction.

When we see someone or some thing, we need to have an immediate image in our head of that thing/person for instant and later reference. Now human mind is such that we don’t just capture the appearance of the thing or person, we also register it’s character, movement, way of talking and general behavioural notes. Like I discussed earlier, people, like animals, need a description on others in order to protect themselves if needed. Even though there is nothing wrong with that, since perceiving is rather natural and you cant really help but let it take place. Albeit, it might be seen as unfair when someone perceives something even though there is not enough legitimate data to make it reality. But nonetheless, people do it anyway. Now, we cant really include people who intentionally perceive/portray things in such a way that it gives an unfair advantage to him/her and an unjust disadvantage to the person concerned as it would make the entire discussion, not impossible, but rather lengthy and complicated.

Now onto the reaction part. Let’s leave off general reaction to things for a while, as that might take ages and a separate blog to cover the whole topic, since its never simply a reaction, there’s all this psychological stuff going on inside our head.
So, then we are left with reactions to our own perceptions and other’s perceptions reeling back to us. Perception is such a thing that you just have no control over immediately, only after the whole act has been committed can we edit other’s and our own perceived imaginings (that is if we’re aware, but that’s besides the point). If, say, I was to perceive that some person wasn’t good at cooking. How would I react? Would I make fun of the person, let him be or completely ignore the idea? Or maybe teach him? If someone had the same idea about me and I knew about it, how would I react to that? Would I slam the said person in denial, try to become better at cooking, explain to him why or just take the hurt and ignore it altogether?

How we react to things contributes more to the person we’ll become than what we think, since actions have tentacles greater than thought, which is private and editable.  


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