Consequential Surety

Hello, squirrels…

I recently realized that I don’t actually blog the latest incidents, I brainstorm here. Every time I have something to say, which can’t be said to people around me, or maybe I generally I don’t want to talk about it, lifting the laptop’s lid and opening up MS Word is the quickest solution to just relieve myself of the emotions or thoughts I want to dispose of by providing some sort of outlet for them. And it’s safe. Nobody gets hurt or has to carry any burden which I have selfishly bestowed upon their inhibited shoulder, which may or may not be willing to carry it.. And worse off, may want to dispose of (to lighten up) on some other miserable soul who does the same thing, and eventually it brushes up against some bad, bad soul. So the internet was a VERY safe and sturdy option where I don’t actually have to see the ripple effects real-time.. Yeah.

Although, blogs may be for that particular reason, venting may be one of the most crucial ingredients to make a personal blog, well, personal. After all, why do people prefer blogs over websites (when it comes to knowledge, not info, which might be more accurate on websites)? It provides human contact and insight on topics and things that you may think differently upon. See, we can agree on the fact that most people are more or less different from each other and hold different opinions/point of views about most things, so blogs give us a perfect outlet to express what we feel about particular topics and for others to then agree/disagree/ignore us. But it doesn’t matter, at the end of the day you know that you have written down what you felt. Albeit, a person like me, who has very few fixed opinions on things and even they keep morphing, blogging becomes quite a confusing task since I’d be jumping all over the page without the slightest clue of how to finish what I’ve initiated. Some people, though, have opinions figured out and organized in, arguably, the queerest fashion. My mind can’t come to terms with the fact that opinions can be so decided upon and then, later, applied upon too! Personally, I’ve come across many people who just know what they want and how they are going to get it… Although, mind you, such people may not be the smartest of the bunch and there’s a very logical explanation for that.

There are dozens of sides to every single subject (imaginable) in the world; if not then it isn’t worth wasting your time upon. But we have been proven again and again that everything has much more to do its existence justice.

I shall sign off now, although there’s this topic I’ve been meaning to write about, but maybe a separate post would be a better consideration.





Sentimental Logic

Every time I lose someone, I think about all the other complex souls waiting for me on this planet and the life after. There are too many things to do and think over than to waste energy on lost souls that were lame enough to ditch.

Anywho, I would’ve probably done the same.. Somehow bonding and breaking up in the flash of a second comes a bit too easily for me! Cant decide if its morally/ethically right and wrong, but its handy when you dont want shallow/flat/lame/bleugh relations to surround you. For example, when one’s quick to develop a bond then that person will actually care for what the other one has to say, right? Of course, if you dont connect, then you’ll take the other person lightly. When you’re quick to break off as soon as you realize that it isn’t going to work out, then you’re helping yourself, and the other dweeb, big time!

Say, if me and another person are always arguing or want different things, then we’ll never be able to develop a strong bond, eventually making all efforts to make that happen will go in vain.. Now, who wants that? Plus, the longer you take on the breaking up scenario and getting over it, the more time and energy you’re going to waste on something that has no future whatsoever. It is very much possible, that people carry a relation on just to have fun, or not to develop bad taste towards each other. But honestly, when you dont actually like someone and dont want to keep a regular contact, then keeping a shallow (and somewhat low in value) relation is just pathetic, both logically and emotionally. Unless the person is amazing, and a lovely human being, and you both dont connect on a couple of things but still end up having a lovely meet and greet that leaves a smile on your face for the remaining part of the day, then just let go.

I dont see why is it that hard! Logic will always trump emotion for me and I dont see anything wrong with that, since emotions are a tool that inspire thoughts and logic makes us understand, process and let us decides which one of those thoughts to keep or discard. 


Larger Than Viewed

Larger Than Viewed

Mosquito on Water. (Full version of the header image).

Help, Yelp, Droll

Recent events have been such that they have left my nerves and emotions raw, vulnerable and (more than I’d like) accessible. So, really, what’s greater in value? Losing a son/brother/friend, a family and trust or… Gaining love and respect from friends, life aims and priorities put into an orderly form, lots of candy to consume at your own disposal? Well, this previous week has been an odd jumble of all these absurd/factual-but-not-so-unusual things happening. There has been a rather large amount of emotional and shocking outbursts, that it leaves my mouth hanging open while the complexities of a general human’s nature continues to shake the very core of my existence, and forces my mind to make a rather large amount judgments (even those that I would carelessly ridicule and make fun of).

I even hurt a person. Oh wait, before you get the wrong impression, I didn’t realize that it would hurt the man… I expected some understanding of how I was truly saint-like and it’s not just an act. Ugh, moving on…

Another resolution (one that needs to be adapted by people in general before its way too late) is to control my urge to use ‘I’, ‘me’, ‘my’ etc. in sentences that don’t necessarily need them. In fact, just generally stop being so insecure about people trampling over your personal interests and, ehem, egos! Honestly, life’s too short for insecurities and complexes… I’d rather get hurt but at least be open and genuine, even if that means being truly vulnerable to the wrong people. It may seem reckless, or even childish, but what’s the point of making cocoons and living a life that is all-too-common, anyway? Unless you are tempted to get down on snorting some drug into your system, I don’t think there should be much harm except you might be left with some odd emotional issues that will deliver some depth into your otherwise flat personality.


Have loads of catching up with the political and economical situation that has shaken up the world into a storm, enter Kony. Now, see, I have no idea who that is except he has something to do with Uganda. Don’t worry, will read about him eventually!

By the by, been indulging in a major fun spree the past ten days or so, as well. We’ve been devouring candies and mushy series alike, which is, no doubt, AWESOME!

Hope you guys had a loverly a satisfactory weekend!

P.S: Now shall go watch some cheesy movie to make things better with Maggi.

Genetic Machines

And to Shakespeare I owe my vision of the world as a theater, wherein all humans are acting out their parts. – James Broughton

In the past couple of weeks, I have experienced and/or witnessed many occurrences that were very much out of the ordinary. Some delightful, and some horrific.

It all left me thinking that it would be very unfortunate if this were the only life we had and no one was looking out for us. Although, many believe that there is no one out there – and they have very solid accusations behind that declaration.

A close friend’s brother, who I knew since childhood, passed away today. He was epileptic.. And 22. Hearing of his unfortunate passing gave me a sense of loss, twisted my insides into a sickening knot and reminded me of all the hours we had spent together, all at once. I know that all God’s things must return to Him, but this was too soon. Maybe its all for the better. But if he was that young and could pass away at that age, just because he had some medical condition, there was seriously something wrong with nature and its life cycle.. And us humans as well for messing around with genetics and children just because we’re still ignorant, at large, of all the complexities that are involved. I know it’s basic concept boils down to ‘survival of the fittest’, it still makes me feel angry that why are not things like these watched out for?

I’m aware of the fact that genetic orders and messes, and environment issues are of our own doing, and that we all have freedom to do whatever the hell we want with our lives, but doing that upon the cost of your child, or even some random person on the street or even someone on the internet is intolerably unfair.

Genetics play such an important role in the character and, later, personality of each human being that one cant stress the phenomenon enough. Once a person has something written in the software code to his cells, its almost impossible to change course of those cells to behave in a desired fashion.

I do not believe we can blame genetics for adultery, homosexuality, dishonesty and other character flaws. – Jerry Falwell

This.. Is true as well. Genetics are merely particular personality traits borrowed from our ancestors for our coming generations, and so on. What a person decides to do in the short span of his life-time, he must face the consequences on his own and not blame some unknown force that may or may not have been there.

There isnt a minute on this planet that isnt overwhelmingly, and supremely, joyful somewhere and devastating elsewhere. We must always keep that in mind. Knowing that there will always be good and bad people, we must work in our lifetime to give the coming generation to bring out the best in them using our developed system and nature.

We must be humans, and not animals. 

Also, so proud of Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy!!! The first ever Oscar that found it’s way home, because of her. I hope other men and women get motivated and start working on our, seriously lagging behind, cinematography sector.



There’s a quirky side to this picture that just amuses me. I guess, how her hands look larger than her face; how she’s using a chest of drawers in a fashion that isnt natural to its purpose.




Last year. Monsoon. Home. Abbottabad.

Rains are beautiful. I have always had a awe-infusing contact and perception of it. I love how the dirt smells afterwards, and how everything looks perfect in its sparkly-clean splendour. Rain also enacts to characters: The Good, and The Evil.
The Good because it brings along several changes in the natural flow that are necessary for it to survive and prosper.
The Evil because when it does come onto you, it can damage many a things on the way. Like farms needs and fears it, animals are tormented, people shown some limits to their movement, and especially the people who are living in poverty see a lot of hardship due to rain.

But its oh-so beautiful, nonetheless.

Also, this picture is wonderful. I bolstered up the radiance slightly (since I dont have a camera that does that for me) to its more natural state when I took the picture. Love the fact that the camera thankfully directed its focus point to where I wanted it.