Last year. Monsoon. Home. Abbottabad.

Rains are beautiful. I have always had a awe-infusing contact and perception of it. I love how the dirt smells afterwards, and how everything looks perfect in its sparkly-clean splendour. Rain also enacts to characters: The Good, and The Evil.
The Good because it brings along several changes in the natural flow that are necessary for it to survive and prosper.
The Evil because when it does come onto you, it can damage many a things on the way. Like farms needs and fears it, animals are tormented, people shown some limits to their movement, and especially the people who are living in poverty see a lot of hardship due to rain.

But its oh-so beautiful, nonetheless.

Also, this picture is wonderful. I bolstered up the radiance slightly (since I dont have a camera that does that for me) to its more natural state when I took the picture. Love the fact that the camera thankfully directed its focus point to where I wanted it.


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