Help, Yelp, Droll

Recent events have been such that they have left my nerves and emotions raw, vulnerable and (more than I’d like) accessible. So, really, what’s greater in value? Losing a son/brother/friend, a family and trust or… Gaining love and respect from friends, life aims and priorities put into an orderly form, lots of candy to consume at your own disposal? Well, this previous week has been an odd jumble of all these absurd/factual-but-not-so-unusual things happening. There has been a rather large amount of emotional and shocking outbursts, that it leaves my mouth hanging open while the complexities of a general human’s nature continues to shake the very core of my existence, and forces my mind to make a rather large amount judgments (even those that I would carelessly ridicule and make fun of).

I even hurt a person. Oh wait, before you get the wrong impression, I didn’t realize that it would hurt the man… I expected some understanding of how I was truly saint-like and it’s not just an act. Ugh, moving on…

Another resolution (one that needs to be adapted by people in general before its way too late) is to control my urge to use ‘I’, ‘me’, ‘my’ etc. in sentences that don’t necessarily need them. In fact, just generally stop being so insecure about people trampling over your personal interests and, ehem, egos! Honestly, life’s too short for insecurities and complexes… I’d rather get hurt but at least be open and genuine, even if that means being truly vulnerable to the wrong people. It may seem reckless, or even childish, but what’s the point of making cocoons and living a life that is all-too-common, anyway? Unless you are tempted to get down on snorting some drug into your system, I don’t think there should be much harm except you might be left with some odd emotional issues that will deliver some depth into your otherwise flat personality.


Have loads of catching up with the political and economical situation that has shaken up the world into a storm, enter Kony. Now, see, I have no idea who that is except he has something to do with Uganda. Don’t worry, will read about him eventually!

By the by, been indulging in a major fun spree the past ten days or so, as well. We’ve been devouring candies and mushy series alike, which is, no doubt, AWESOME!

Hope you guys had a loverly a satisfactory weekend!

P.S: Now shall go watch some cheesy movie to make things better with Maggi.


One thought on “Help, Yelp, Droll

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