Consequential Surety

Hello, squirrels…

I recently realized that I don’t actually blog the latest incidents, I brainstorm here. Every time I have something to say, which can’t be said to people around me, or maybe I generally I don’t want to talk about it, lifting the laptop’s lid and opening up MS Word is the quickest solution to just relieve myself of the emotions or thoughts I want to dispose of by providing some sort of outlet for them. And it’s safe. Nobody gets hurt or has to carry any burden which I have selfishly bestowed upon their inhibited shoulder, which may or may not be willing to carry it.. And worse off, may want to dispose of (to lighten up) on some other miserable soul who does the same thing, and eventually it brushes up against some bad, bad soul. So the internet was a VERY safe and sturdy option where I don’t actually have to see the ripple effects real-time.. Yeah.

Although, blogs may be for that particular reason, venting may be one of the most crucial ingredients to make a personal blog, well, personal. After all, why do people prefer blogs over websites (when it comes to knowledge, not info, which might be more accurate on websites)? It provides human contact and insight on topics and things that you may think differently upon. See, we can agree on the fact that most people are more or less different from each other and hold different opinions/point of views about most things, so blogs give us a perfect outlet to express what we feel about particular topics and for others to then agree/disagree/ignore us. But it doesn’t matter, at the end of the day you know that you have written down what you felt. Albeit, a person like me, who has very few fixed opinions on things and even they keep morphing, blogging becomes quite a confusing task since I’d be jumping all over the page without the slightest clue of how to finish what I’ve initiated. Some people, though, have opinions figured out and organized in, arguably, the queerest fashion. My mind can’t come to terms with the fact that opinions can be so decided upon and then, later, applied upon too! Personally, I’ve come across many people who just know what they want and how they are going to get it… Although, mind you, such people may not be the smartest of the bunch and there’s a very logical explanation for that.

There are dozens of sides to every single subject (imaginable) in the world; if not then it isn’t worth wasting your time upon. But we have been proven again and again that everything has much more to do its existence justice.

I shall sign off now, although there’s this topic I’ve been meaning to write about, but maybe a separate post would be a better consideration.





One thought on “Consequential Surety

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