Amusing Waters

Every bath brings along a new change within me, and so, with-out. These changes vary from bath to bath, but there is one consistent change that I very much value; the ability to humor myself and others, i.e. take things lightly and be witty about it. No, really, it’s an art – one I haven’t mastered and gotten under my wing… Yet.

Envying people comes easily to me, but then I make a point to develop a healthy relation, but that’s selfish, since then I can know their secret and, maybe, one day become somewhat like them – till I find someone else envy-worthy and then I shift my attention to them, leaving the former desperate to understand where did their best friend go.

Anyway, humor is really important to go through life with. How else do you expect to laugh through tough times and other odd situations that concern very odd people who do very, very odd things? You must laugh. There’s no going around that conclusion.

Somehow, though, one can never exactly remember when one has been laughing and it’s cause.

Oh well, must be worth something, no?

Coming back to the real topic, baths can be magical and life-changing – if you want them to be, that is. Accepting all sorts of change is so important that one should always give everything/everyone the benefit of a doubt. I know I’d want one, especially after a bath.


Mini Blogging: Giving Up

The supremely helpless realization that you really cant do much to change things in this world. Everyone somewhat realizes it, but hardly ever anyone you see will succumb to losing their wits over it. Many have and will give up, I am beginning to wonder if I should too. After all, intentions count, right?

Dont tell my friends, but sometimes I wish my sun sign had more ambitious traits in it. Not that I cant awaken it by the so-called mental will, just that Aquarius’ nature might get the best of me when it comes to control and my mind may lose the war.