General Ramblings & Some Independence


Surrounded by a society that does not care what they made this country for, today, I feel nothing but a powerful will to make the best out of my life and let nothing stand in the way to my doing something right with it and hopefully taking some people along.

Ignorance is a disease – contagious and ever-spreading. It’s easy to succumb to being lazy: lazy about life, the truth, your surroundings, relations with people, great thoughts and ideas etc. It has a cure, like most deluding diseases, but people might not want to embrace it as a sickness.. yet. Finding a purpose in life leads many a man to be great, or many a great man to go astray. Either way, everyone admires and appreciates both’s efforts since they are suffering from what everyone else is suffering from: not having a purpose in life, wondering if there is actually a Creator, then why has he abandoned us?, thinking they will never be satisfied with anything, which is fairly true, without knowing the ultimate answer to the question: where did we come from? Who created us? Who is He? Or are we on our own.

But the real question is: why are human beings asking these questions instead of looking and searching?

Some dont want to believe in a God at all, some have too much pride to let the go in search for something that might not exist, some are in denial, some dont want to disillude themselves by believing that there is a world beyond and greater than this, some are unfortunately ignorant, some are not meant to find the answers because they have not a positive intention, but all feel lost and abandoned.

But the one’s who genuinely want to believe find the answer in everything that surrounds them. There is a God, whether you like it or not, and there is a day of judgement, whether you like it or not.

I personally believe truly in the Quran to be God’s word. So were all the other three books, but they have been tampered with over the years. An Indian philosopher came up with the conclusion that the Quran is locked by the time table of the number 19. Everything is divisible by it and hence, if it is changed, the entire structure will fall.

As a mere example to act as proof:

And we sent down from the sky water (rain) in (due) measure, and we gave it lodging in the earth, and verily, we are Able to take it away. – Sûrat Al-Mu’minûn- verse 18

Its a scientifically known fact that when planet Earth was initially made there was no water on it. It has come later and never has its quantity increased or decreased.

And He it is Who has created the night and the day, and the sun and the moon, each in an orbit floating. – Surat Al-Anbiya’ (The Prophets):33

No secret there.

Not trying to be a fascist here, sorry if I seem to be behaving like one, but in order to believe something you have to go all the way, there’s no middle ground where you can merge two thoughts. They have to be separate, and you have to be sincere to one.

Please dont take offence. These are all personal views that I genuinely believe in. If you dont agree then you can let me know why, but it isnt meant to force.

What do you think about people’s behavior towards finding a purpose to life?


The universe… Oh, man, the universe. Where do I begin! The stars, galaxies, planets, systems, everything – they are so, so beautiful. And all for us.

Our galaxy: The Milky Way

Can you imagine a Creator, whoever he is, creating all that just for us to play in it (discovering it, obviously)? Most scientists, who are not stuck in denial or pride, agree that all this is not just a natural occurrence, it has all been created. And the fact that we have an ozone layer is proof (if you want it to be). If it were not for the ozone layer protecting Earth’s surface’s direct contact with the Sun, we would all die within days and this Earth would have no life, whatsoever.

The ozone layer is sort of unnatural. It almost seems as a later added sunscreen so the planet can live in a moderate weather which is supportive to life. No other planet has such a screen. We know that water didnt exist on the planet, now the ozone layer? The Earth was probably an uninhabitable round ball of lava covered with mud and mountain pegging the earth to stay in place, as mentioned in the Quran.

Moving on.. Yesterday I stepped out of the house into the lawn since Cherie, my cat, wanted to attend to some private business on the sand and she doesnt like to go it alone. Anyway, so when I was waiting for her to free herself from it, my eyes just rested on the house and then I lifted them to the sky.

What my mind registered made me teary.

There was a blanket of inky blue-black sky stretched over wherever my eyes could reach, dotted with brilliant twinkling, glittery stars. It was a proper fairy tale, and left me speechless for many a minute till I ran in to call Dad and make him see what I saw.

What a gift. What a marvelous, poetic and romantic gift.

Click to zoom.

We don’t appreciate it enough. Honestly.








Revised Revelation: Positivity

Before you start off, thinking ‘oh, same old, same old. I know this’, give this blog post a fair read 🙂

As of recent events, my mind is reeling with reasoning and information concerning the revised memory, and flashback (of sorts), of an adjective fairly well known, and consequently, lacking in today’s world as a verb: positivity.

Now, we all can have different stand points when it comes to positivity’s absence in our world, and in our people, and they all are most probably true. But the most personal one out of them all is when it affects you from within. When it strikes your core, and numbs your mind. When it leaves you feeling like no one understands you, everything is wrong, and nothing is going to end up well. The shy, and timid might curl up inside their warm blanket; the bold and frazzled might want to hurl things, or at least harsh remarks on others – both these resolutions do not solve anything, in fact, they will leave you even more frustrated and feeling guilty on missing out on life and hurting others’ feelings, respectively.

I went for the latter, it seemed more honest. That was my excuse. It isn’t honest, its actually dishonest, since you’re not fighting what has made you act that way, but instead fight other people concerning topics that are not even related to the cause. How long can dance around the object that’s to blame for your negativity, or lack of positivity? Not very long, if you’re smart.

The (true) servants of (God) the Most Gracious are those who walk on the earth in humility, and when the ignorant address them, reply with (words of) peace.”
— The Holy Quran, 25:63.

Family and friends are the ones who suffer when such a thing passes through even one person – has to land on someone, right? But, should it? Isn’t it your mess to fix? It is. And no one else should suffer because of you. I am sure your friends and family will understand and forgive, but that does not mean one can take that for granted and keep doing whatever comes to our mind becuase we are trying to fight our own demons, or under stress, or just feel good intimidating while we are wimps inside. That just isn’t how it works, and will never work that way.

So, the best solution would be to figure out what is making you the way you are, and tweak the negativities out so that no one, including you, gets hurt, and has an odd mental image of a messed up period in his or her lifetime. That just isn’t fair.

“And among His signs is this: that He created mates for you from yourselves that you may find rest and peace of mind in them, and He ordained between you love and mercy. Certainly, herein indeed are signs for people who reflect.”
 The Qur’an in Ar Rum, Chapter 30, verse 21.

As you might know, I am teaching a few local kids at my house – fixing up their English and Mathematics – and what I realized today left me gaping and my brain in a whirl, with a hint of smile in a positively bemused fashion. These kids, who had never seen water paints or Disney channel, never had a Dairy Milk (which I realized, as well, I should make happen since they would be really missing out), and never will have an adolescent life, were genuinely, from within, positive – and positively radiating due to it, too! Soon I was thinking about how teaching them never bores, or tires me, or leaves me unsatisfied, which further proved my theory since their positivity had a positive effect on me – hell, I would even study much more later than other days. Instead, we have a wonderful relationship in the making. Oh, and they laugh at the slightest of things – you would be surprised to see how fine-tuned they are to their surroundings, so that does not mean they are blocking off hurtful substances. We can say that their life is more or less like an animal’s and therefore, have little depth as compared to the problems the ‘actual’ world is facing. And I would agree, but, don’t you think they have tapped on the one and only solution that will turn us into a superior being? For them life is simple – but, in reality as well, if you think about it, life is simple. I am not talking about the making money process, but your personal growth, which fertilizes all sorts of growths to mature and form in a successful and impressive object. We all try to avoid pain and pursue/seek pleasure – it’s animal, yes, but there is nothing wrong with it. This is how we survive and grow. And by God, if it were not for emotions, our lives would be so dull! Think about it!

But.. There’s always a but.. We must not let our emotions rule our minds. They are a part of our brain, not the brain part of it. Sure, they channel some thoughts and ‘impressions’, as David Hume terms them in The Treatise of Human Nature, which lead to bigger and better (or worse) ideas that would not have been satisfactory enough otherwise. Take caring: when we care for someone or something, that person/thing we will remain sentimental towards as long as we, ourselves, choose to remain attached to them. Like I said, we rule what goes on in our brains. Take moods – yes, sure, they can be annoying at times and you miht to kill someone when you are having a bad day and they are doing nothing but ‘irritating’ you, or they would not leave you alone when you want to be, but that is just it – does it really matter all that much to actually act upon your ‘feelings’ towards certain situations? I am not talking ‘inklings’ and intuition, rather, am talking about emotions like love, hate, anger, hurt, jealousy etc..

Would it be fair to act on them using your emotions, instead of your rational mind’s conjectures upon peopl, situations, environments, behaviors, problems and the like?

I think not.

If you don’t stand up for something, you’ll fall for anything. 
Malcolm X.

Laziness is a mental state where we dont want to move around for no particular, logical reason. Our body simply wants us to save all our energy to hunt for food later – yes, just like animals so we are tempted to sit… And get addicted, since it reassures us ‘oh, life keeps going on whether we get up and clean the room or not’. Life will move ahead, will you?

Truly is disgusting when I come across someone who prides their-self to be lazy and egotistical, and all that bull they are coming up with these days. It is suffocating and annoying when everyone acts like a wonderful genius, that he surely must be or he would not call himself a genius, right?

Should stop here.. This has begun to sound more like a rant. But really, people these days are – exasperating. 

“People are often unreasonable, illogical, and self-centered;
Forgive them anyway.
If you are kind, people may accuse you of selfish, ulterior motives;
… Be kind anyway.
If you are successful, you will win some false friends and some true enemies;
… Succeed anyway.
If you are honest and frank, people may cheat you;
… Be honest and frank anyway.
What you spend years building, someone could destroy overnight;
… Build anyway.
If you find serenity and happiness, they may be jealous;
… Be happy anyway.
The good you do today, people will often forget tomorrow;
… Do good anyway.
Give the world the best you have, and it may never be enough;
… Give the world the best you’ve got anyway.
You see, in the final analysis, it is between you and God;
It was never between you and them anyway.”
— Mother Theresa.

So, anywho, we were talking about positivity (oh, the irony), and we should return. It has been a few days since my father and I spoke my recent behavior towards, uhm, everyone. He doesnt actually blame me, but even I have started to see people mentally bracing up before they speak to me. Its entertaining but I would rather not make this a lifestyle/habit. Again, it is suffocating. Trying hard to fight the urge to, well, fight – and mostly failing, but I am finally at peace that I am on the right track towards positivity.

Make your character good for the people.“                             Prophet Muhammad (s) as narrated Al-Muwatta, Volume 47, Hadith 1

Your mental state says a lot about the person you were, are, and going to become. And if someone has the same mental state since they were in their teens or twenties, well, I really feel sorry for the fact that you are mssing out on all the challenges, and evidently adventurous stuff, brother.

Not saying that you should be hypocritical and act your way around, so that people may think you are a positive person, but in fact, you are really.. sad. There’s no need for that. Let people know how you feel, but don’t be miserable and annoying about it. It’s all right t have issues, and problems, that is all part of life. Accept them, find solutions or ways to get along with them and move on. Do not linger.

Try not to become a man of success but rather to become a man of value.
—  Einstein.

Honestly, though, be positive. If one believes that there is a God and he’s watching over us, then we really have nothing to feel negative about, do we? We don’t need to stress out, since we know that their is a plan and purpose, and all this madness around us is closely monitored and tweaked slightly, even. Don’t let small emotional lock ups, or pent up emotions, or ‘a bad day’ ruin other people’s moods – don’t even think about hurting them. It is hard, I will tell you that, but OH-SO WORTH IT. And it will bring success to you, since your mind will have more space and energy to process what’s productive then being miserable. Oh, the advantages are wonderful.


The cup is genuinely, really half full 🙂

Bully Off: Bigger Than It Seemed

I had a hard time with bullying. I ate lunch in the bathroom. – Julianne Hough

Keeping in mind the current world affairs and happenings, a kid beating up another, or making fun of another may, and its possible later damages may seem small – but are they really? Think about it, how can bullying be taken as lightly as it is?

The mind-boggling and horribly misguided notion that bullying will make your child tough and will teach him some lessons about life is ridiculous. How can hurting your child’s feeling and, hence, damaging his/her brain bring him to any good fortune? If anything, he/she will be shunned from society for being odd or cautious, as a result. To understand why it is wrong, we will have to understand the very nature of our social structure.

  • What is our society made up of? Families. 
  • How are these families made? When a man and a woman sign a legal contract to live together as one, and reproduce, mean while, to keep up the human species
  • Why are families made? So that when a male and female human being come together as one, they can provide a complete home for a child to be raised in a stable individual, who will later take part in the same society, and will reproduce. The reason for there parents is to give children emotional, mental and physical protection, IN ALL FORMS, till they are a suitable age to lead their own lives.
  • What is the most sensitive time for children? They have different stages of growth when during their incubation time:
  1. From birth to when they are 10, they grow physically, and some mental growth
  2. From 10 to 17, they grow emotionally, and some other physical changes occur, that are related to reproduction. During this time children are VERY sensitive, and may be the time where they are prone to being bullied, or bully other kids
  3. From 17 and on-wards they grow mentally, becoming mature and are then let out into the world because this is the time where they should* be stable emotionally, mentally and physically. 

‘Mama, there is this guy in school, he eats all my food and ruins all my work!’ ‘Hmm?’

By justifying bullying you are tearing apart the very purpose for there being a family in the first place, and hence the reason behind the need and  invention of marriage.

One out of seven kids are bullied – homosexuals, usually. Is it not unfair?

If only someone would listen..

There are many forms of bullying.. Cyber, verbal, physical etc but you cant compare and suggest which one would result in more damage.. All kinds are wrong and they need to be stopped now!

It saddens me so much to see all the blog posts on personal bullying experiences. I was bullied a lot as well, usually for my odd looks – a bob, rabbit teeth, an odd carelessness and glasses get you no where. But I never took it seriously.. Later when I grew up, I finally realized that I had been bullied, too, in the bus, more often than not. Not with a bad intention, but not with any good either. But that’s because I knew my parents would be standing next to through every step of the way.. And I hope I can provide that sort of surety to my children as well, if not more. Don’t suffocate your kids with your love and paranoia, but don’t take that right of being protected from them. They need it more than you know.

If you haven’t spoken to your kids about it, talk to them soon. Please.

*In special cases it is possible that your child isnt. That will be either because of your carelessness, or some disease and the like. Please pay close attention to such children, they need you more than the normal and regular ones.

A Poem:

My name is Bobby;

Although you never hear me speak,

I’ve lots to say.

Even though you never see me smile,

Deep inside I’m still your child.

Although you don’t know my name,

I breathe in and out just the same.

This game you play, I don’t know the rules,

I go to school, and I try to be,

The child you dream.

One foot forward and two steps back,

you did it wrong now take that slap.

Get off the floor you silly fool;

Go cry your tears into Winnie the Pooh.

You have no choice, you are my child, No one cares if you live or die. Don’t say a word, Don’t tell a soul. You must be so good, They’ll think you’re made of gold.

Did you play this with your dad? You were his only son. Why are you so mad? Why do you make me run? I lie beneath my bed; the pillow no longer drowns the dread.

What made you so mad? You only hit me once yet I feel so sad. I’m in my room upon my knees, hoping that you will see, the hurting child inside of me. I’m praying that lightening will strike; will I die before the morning light?

I don’t want to play this game, I don’t know the rules, I don’t want to play your stupid game no more. Take away the board, smash it on the floor, Daddy won’t you let me know the way, to play this game you play, I’ll learn the rules someday,

I promise if you let me run away…


I won’t say a word,
I won’t tell a soul,
I will be so good;
you’ll think I’m made of gold.

(Whispered lower)

Life Stories: The Swap

At the moment, we have two people working to help maintain this house. A housekeeper and a guard. The guard is the housekeeper’s father, white beard and the like, but really nice. The housekeeper’s daughter used to work for us as well, who is now 16 and about to get married and is pretty happy.

The housekeeper, Shaheena, is not happy in her marriage. Although her husband is really nice, as a person, but pretty selfish. For example, he does work, labour work usually, but all the money he earns he spends on himself, giving the family close to nothing out of that. So, naturally the wife had to start working in other people’s homes and even involved one of her daughters into it, but she didnt realise that that daughter will get spoiled and start having affairs around.

In any case, Shaheena, when 16 herself, went through an unfortunate event, some 22 years back. Her mother had passed away when she was really young, and he father couldnt keep around 4 kids all by himself, so he decided he needed to marry. His ex-wife’s brother’s daughter seemed pretty good, also raising 4 kids on her own, she was also a good woman. Now here, this woman’s father asked Shaheena’s father that in order to marry their daughter, he would have to marry Shaheena to their son, aka the single woman’s brother. Shaheena’s father agreed. The women were swapped, leaving Shaheena very unhappy till now.

When Shaheena was telling me this story, she was sad, you could see it in her eyes, but pride would not let her demand sympathy, instead she hid her pain by cracking jokes, about how now her father was technically her cousin’s husband.

This isnt unknown in the Pathan culture, we take marriages the union of two people irrespective of relation, except of siblings.

Now she is educating her kids. Shazeenay, the 16 year old is getting married and very happy about it. My dad promised to employ her husband in a more permanent position and well paid. Her father is content.

And even after all this, Shaheena is thankful to Allah, and grateful for whatever she has and has had.

This short story is not fictitious at all, rather a documentation. 

But the point is, are all the girls who are victim to such unfair treatment at such an early age happy and grateful for what they have? Even if they do end up happy, does it mean its fair? Certainly not. 

Spread the word. In Pakistan surprisingly this phenomenon is not as wide-spread as some other countries. I would know living in a Pathan village. 

When people say that Islam encourages such behavior, I don’t blame them for thinking so. The image that Muslims have spread across the world concerning themselves and Islam will induce emotions and thoughts like that. Our people say, oh don’t look at us, look at our idea! Right, isn’t one’s idea supposed to represent him, and vice versa?

Islam does not support marrying underage girls. Maulvis might, the messed up ones. 

Bitter Twitter

The micro-blogging site, Twitter, has been blocked and taken from all the users, well, use. Government officials claim that there was a blasphemous topic being discussed, on the site, regarding Muhammad PBUH. Which hurts me, too, mind you, but that does not mean we mess around with people’s freedom of speech and the decision of visiting/not visiting that site. Naturally, they contacted Twitter’s administration to bring it down, to which Twitter’s people comfortably replied that they “cannot stop any individual doing anything of this nature on the website”. Great. What does our government do? Of course, block the blasphemous website which supports freedom of speech: how dare they!

So that’s done and dusted, what next? They are not sure how long will they keep it blocked, either. I, personally, have proxy software (which I am sure most of my Pakistani fellows are using at the moment), but put to no good use. Somehow, even that does not respond where Twitter is concerned. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have done a good job (but you can use Twitter from your mobile devices) or simply the proxy recognizes you’re from Pakistan Even though the reports claim that they have simply blocked access of Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi and Multan, mainly PTCL’s internet connection; where does Baffa, Mansehra come in the mixture, where I am right now? I wonder.

They also say that this step was taken on the behalf of the masses, who were taking this issue seriously (and emotionally). How about the other chunk of people that are on Twitter and, also, believe in freedom of speech? They must suffer, yes.

This move could be completely political, as well. Pakistan Tehreeq-e-Insaaf, the key element of the coming elections, is at the heart of this action. The topic is related to Islam, making it a sensitive one over the masses, and a suitable tool to be used. By doing this they will gain the trust of sensitive Muslims, since obviously PTA has their best interest at heart. Playing with public sentiments is not a new thing at all to get better poll ratings for so-and-so political party. Hell, even Obama is taking a shot at it!

In any case, Pakistan is not the first country to be behaving this strongly towards actions rooted in Twitter’s millions of ‘followers’ who come from all sorts of cultures, religions and general backgrounds. Having said that, of course there are going to be extremists and prejudiced people on it, as well, so that obviously needed some curbing; too much freedom is never healthy, anyway. In the beginning of this year, though, Twitter had officially announced that they could and will block/remove tweets and account-holders if the said person’s/concerned tweet’s country’s government was to deem it inappropriate or simply may complain (if Twitter did not block/remove the person/tweet): twitter encourages countrymen to go haywire where the country’s acceptable actions and unacceptable actions’ boundaries clash, and making it apparent that the nation would be ‘all right’ with anything, even if they did not agree with it. Of course that is not so, and if anyone thought that it was is living 200 years ahead of time where countries let their people be.

But, alas, there’s another oddity: Twitter, after only 5 months of stating that they would respond to government’s requests/notifications affirmatively, suddenly decided that it was not going to help Pakistan. Why not? Twitter gets an estimated 730 million hits a month on average. Yes, it’s crazy but true. They have even experienced a recent spike, going up to 760 million (and onwards). We are definitely not a large percentage missing, but still we are missing, and I doubt Twitter’s too happy about it.

Sure, Twitter’s really fun and addictive, and, if not thousands, then hundreds of Pakistanis will have a bad day because of the blockage, but that’s not the only reason why this action was wrong. Even though Twitter contradicted itself by not responding to our governments requests, they do have a point: human freedom is one thing that America said it would work for, and they have, its bad effects are besides the point right now. Freedom of thought, speech and action is the essential ingredient for a human being, and his damned right. Taking away Twitter like that is clearly stating that they dont care for our freedom, which is very, very unfair. Being an ‘Islamic’ Republic of Pakistan, how can they not know that Quran is based on fairness?

Let’s see where we are headed. Perhaps, short and sweet ‘Pakistan’ would do?

Love Versus The World

Life is full of highs and lows, positives and negative, sureties and chances. When we enter this world, we are gifted a beautifully wrapped package of uncertainties and the enormous realization of the unknown. And sometimes, fear of both those sensations is thrown in for the sensitive and faint hearted. The audaciously awkward moment, when the fact that you are all alone in this world, hits you, that is when you realize how insignificant and helpless you are, and how much exactly you would love to believe in a God watching over us, individually.

If it were not for the family system, we would not have a society, whatsoever. We would all be individuals trying to go on living in our own ways and finding out the goods and bads, rights and wrongs and every other thing that society or our families teach us in the usual way. Nothing would be the same if that were the case; I wouldn’t be the person I am. But since we are very much animals, it makes sense that someone takes care of us in our first twenty, and most important, years; important because they will decide what kind of people we will be in the future. First physical, then emotional, and by the end of it, mental development and its later maturity is very important.

There is no denying that the logical and sentimental importance of emotions, and thoughts, to a human being are equally alike, inconsiderate of the order in which (for the time being). If I were to hurt someone, not only would that person have emotions and thoughts in the very instant, but even I, of the moment when I did, would not completely be inconsiderate of the reasons and actions that lead me to hurting the person.

This brings me to what I actually wanted to discuss.

This was one of the many, very usual evenings where I pay the bathroom a visit to brush my teeth for the night, and, also, usually having the same infuriating carriage to my being (slightly lopsided and somewhat dreamy). Nights like these are reserved for philosophical thoughts and psychological understanding of humans, in general, which are slowly but surely carried out. Having an outlook of a somewhat routine, my mind comfortably shifts gears from emotional outbursts to logical thinking, and then to sentimental, mental isolation (that my family needs to start treating as physical isolation as well, out of respect). It is always sparked by one of two things: some man/woman acts in a way that strips any – and all – concepts of love and selflessness from my mind, and/or something overwhelms me and, more often than not, confuses me even.

The question that has been bothering me so is why is it so hard to express your love for someone? Be it your mother, sibling, father or even best friend. Why do I not need to will myself to get angry but still will myself to hug or kiss someone to let them know that I’m not made of stone. If only telepathy was really common we would not have to go through the pains of physically expressing our love/care for someone. Even words can come under physicality, by the by, since they do have a physical presence in this very much physical world. Since love and kindness are very important things, why havent human beings advanced in it’s understanding, which would have lead to other ways of expressing it. I know making breakfast for someone even can be taken as an example, but it should have advanced till now.

I know there are many ways to express what you feel, but it shouldn’t only be limited to physical expression – we aren’t animals, right?

Amusing Waters

Every bath brings along a new change within me, and so, with-out. These changes vary from bath to bath, but there is one consistent change that I very much value; the ability to humor myself and others, i.e. take things lightly and be witty about it. No, really, it’s an art – one I haven’t mastered and gotten under my wing… Yet.

Envying people comes easily to me, but then I make a point to develop a healthy relation, but that’s selfish, since then I can know their secret and, maybe, one day become somewhat like them – till I find someone else envy-worthy and then I shift my attention to them, leaving the former desperate to understand where did their best friend go.

Anyway, humor is really important to go through life with. How else do you expect to laugh through tough times and other odd situations that concern very odd people who do very, very odd things? You must laugh. There’s no going around that conclusion.

Somehow, though, one can never exactly remember when one has been laughing and it’s cause.

Oh well, must be worth something, no?

Coming back to the real topic, baths can be magical and life-changing – if you want them to be, that is. Accepting all sorts of change is so important that one should always give everything/everyone the benefit of a doubt. I know I’d want one, especially after a bath.