Inspired Update

Woke up earlier than usual. Spent the whole day thinking, philosophizing and getting inspired to become a physicist in the purest, deepest meaning of the word.

The search led me to a search on Google where I needed to look at something, ANYTHING, that would instigate a scientific, mathematical, and creative eagerness in me that would sustain all through to a PhD and further.

And here I am now, after having spent the entire day studying mathematics in the beautifully windy, rainy, sunny weather outside in the front veranda. And then later on drinking coffee and then watching a few episodes of the BBC’s The Paradise (recommended).

Lying on my stomach on a silky, royal blue comforter that feels cool to the touch with oil on my eye brows, stinging eyes, and the temptation to pray.

Good night, all you love monkeys. 

I hope I dream of fairies and secret gardens full of glowing flowers and the promise of an adventure. I hope that you do too.