Enter: Freedom; Leave: Respect – A Rant

We all hear stories of how our parents and grandparents and the people around them, and people in general, of older times were ‘better’ to each other, there was respect, and equality.

Why isn’t it so anymore?

With the rise of consumerism, and with people gaining consciousness of the amount of freedom each person can exert to their liking, how do you control such a revolution, so it isn’t damaging in the long run for the same people.

How does one person lose grip of their conscience.

With freedom, one could say, people start behaving in certain ways. And since not everyone is mentally and emotionally mature, they will use their freedom in a negative and damaging way, for themselves and others.

With consumerism, then, people starting sizing each other up by the amount of wealth they had accumulated or what kind of things that person has regardless, in most cases, of what the person is actually like. This is also why people get tired of city life, since everything revolves around money there. Like, a month in Islamabad, Pakistan, is so stressful that I genuinely cannot wait to go back to my country-house. Starting from dawn to dusk, people are running around trying to earn more and more money, much more than they need.

With consumerism spreading all over the world, all our wants have taken a hundred-fold rise and we just cant stop. Ad campaigns, businesses, business schools, even scientists now are creating things that will somehow sell. Everything is about money, and that sure as hell is tiring and pathetic.

I know so many people who are so rich that it’s mind-boggling, but what has become of them as people? Have they become some supreme human beings? Do they know more about this universe? Are they trying to fix things? Do they know of the purpose of life? Are they searching for it?

Honestly, we have many reasons now not to respect other people. But we know, that respecting others is very important for many reasons  – one of them could be that it makes that person feel good. We also know that some people actually do deserve it, and some dont. So what do we base our respect on?

Let me quote Quran here, and you shouldn’t have a problem with it even if you aren’t Muslim because one should respect each other:

A good action and a bad action are not the same. Repel the bad with something better and, if there is enmity between you and someone else, he will be like a bosom friend.” (Quran, chapter 41, verse 34)

And on other religions:

“…If God had willed, He would have made you all in one nation and one religion), but that He (God) left you in different religions to compete in good deeds and society benefits. The return of all of you is to God; then He (God) will inform you about that in which you differ” (Quran, Chapter 5, Verse 48)


“Those who spend (freely), whether in prosperity, or in adversity; who restrain anger, and pardon (all) men; for Allah loves those who do good.   (The Noble Quran, 3:134)”


“And when they hear vain talk, they turn away therefrom and say: ‘To us our deeds, and to you yours; peace be to you: we seek not the ignorant.’   (The Noble Quran, 28:55)”

And there are many other verses on how to treat others. But it all comes down to character and if one is aware.

You may even have noticed how in America now they are very much encouraging people to stop using these ‘formalities’ since they are inefficient and a thing of the slower nations and of the past. They think if you want to grow faster and get to the point quicker, then Mr/Mrs./Ms. wont do, you must say Tom, John, Kate, and just directly say their name. Life is too short.

Is life too short for these pleasurable formalities that do nothing but make others feel good and valued? Most of internet hate will go out the window if we start respecting each other on the basis of merit and character. 

Honestly, and personally, I am sick and tired of having to point out basic things like how to eat and how to walk so that it doesn’t pain the eyes or the ears. Just because we are ‘free’ individuals does not mean you can slurp, and be obnoxious. It is very annoying, and I am very sure you feel the same way when others do it. And there are many many other examples to add here, by the by.

This is more of a rant, and I apologize if it was offensive in any way, even the writing. More on this loverly topic later. Peace.

Love Versus The World

Life is full of highs and lows, positives and negative, sureties and chances. When we enter this world, we are gifted a beautifully wrapped package of uncertainties and the enormous realization of the unknown. And sometimes, fear of both those sensations is thrown in for the sensitive and faint hearted. The audaciously awkward moment, when the fact that you are all alone in this world, hits you, that is when you realize how insignificant and helpless you are, and how much exactly you would love to believe in a God watching over us, individually.

If it were not for the family system, we would not have a society, whatsoever. We would all be individuals trying to go on living in our own ways and finding out the goods and bads, rights and wrongs and every other thing that society or our families teach us in the usual way. Nothing would be the same if that were the case; I wouldn’t be the person I am. But since we are very much animals, it makes sense that someone takes care of us in our first twenty, and most important, years; important because they will decide what kind of people we will be in the future. First physical, then emotional, and by the end of it, mental development and its later maturity is very important.

There is no denying that the logical and sentimental importance of emotions, and thoughts, to a human being are equally alike, inconsiderate of the order in which (for the time being). If I were to hurt someone, not only would that person have emotions and thoughts in the very instant, but even I, of the moment when I did, would not completely be inconsiderate of the reasons and actions that lead me to hurting the person.

This brings me to what I actually wanted to discuss.

This was one of the many, very usual evenings where I pay the bathroom a visit to brush my teeth for the night, and, also, usually having the same infuriating carriage to my being (slightly lopsided and somewhat dreamy). Nights like these are reserved for philosophical thoughts and psychological understanding of humans, in general, which are slowly but surely carried out. Having an outlook of a somewhat routine, my mind comfortably shifts gears from emotional outbursts to logical thinking, and then to sentimental, mental isolation (that my family needs to start treating as physical isolation as well, out of respect). It is always sparked by one of two things: some man/woman acts in a way that strips any – and all – concepts of love and selflessness from my mind, and/or something overwhelms me and, more often than not, confuses me even.

The question that has been bothering me so is why is it so hard to express your love for someone? Be it your mother, sibling, father or even best friend. Why do I not need to will myself to get angry but still will myself to hug or kiss someone to let them know that I’m not made of stone. If only telepathy was really common we would not have to go through the pains of physically expressing our love/care for someone. Even words can come under physicality, by the by, since they do have a physical presence in this very much physical world. Since love and kindness are very important things, why havent human beings advanced in it’s understanding, which would have lead to other ways of expressing it. I know making breakfast for someone even can be taken as an example, but it should have advanced till now.

I know there are many ways to express what you feel, but it shouldn’t only be limited to physical expression – we aren’t animals, right?

Eventfully So..

There has been a startling (or maybe not) news on the Dawn newspaper a couple of days back. (The article)



There has been word that a certain Economics professor, at the International Islamic University Islamabad, has been harassing female student by offering them to perform sexual favours if they wanted him to give them good grades. And if they did not comply, he would fail them until they could make a ‘better’ decision. And of course, many girls all too often complied. 

Many suggest this to be a form of rape, as it was not exactly with the consent from said students; others say that this cannot be considered as rape as the girls were given an option and not exactly forced. But that can be decided in the courts. 

The real issue is, why did not the girls speak up? 

Obviously there is some snag in our social structure and mindset (well, a lot of them) that made them think, and act, in a way they need not have. Being an Islamic country, and being taken over by the army (again and again), has left us so distraught and vulnerable to any sort of perversion and corruption. All the dictators, that ever came to power, made it a point to appoint the most lowly and corrupt of the politicians, and the like, for the most important jobs in the government i.e. ministers, governors. And slowly these people, who in normal circumstances would be living off crumbs, were making the country’s most important decisions in a way that would benefit them the most to take their bank-balances to a higher level. 

The tentacles of corruption are so intricately spread across the country, that it has become quite hard to determine if you will not be cheated, in one way or the other, at every step of the way. Such is the state, that no one individual can even trust another without judging the other person, critically, beforehand. 

Now to the reason why this country being Islamic is an issue. Time and again, there have been always been strong protesting parties to this Deen of ours. And rightly so. If we completely ignore the fact of conspiracy theories, rumours, blames, and the like, it will be much more easier to ascertain if Islam is really a threat to America, if not the whole world. Even within our own people, especially the ones who have been through horrible times and expected Allah to miraculously come to their beck and call, there are many that would love to defame this, once, prosperous code of life. Blaming God for their problems, ignorant of Allah’s promise not to directly interfere with anyone’s freedom of will, they set out on a mission to write books and spread word of the horrendous misfortune.

Due to all these incidences and circumstance, lower class have let go of all hope for betterment and adjusted to this horrible, and twisted, way of life. The upper-class could easily ignore all the suffering and non-sense going around, and maybe go to Paris because Pakistan was oh-so droll. The lower- middle and middle classes has faced a major economic and spiritual set-back, and probably have suffered the most, since they consciously felt the change happening and their life-style and personal growth going backwards. 

These are the people who are sending their daughters to universities such as the International Islamic University Islamabad. 

The girls, obviously feeling the hopelessness in our society, did not find it any use to complain or even tell their parents, fearing a public scandal, or worse, a public trial. What prospects does she have of a respectable and good marriage? The guy to marry will come from the same class in society, and will have the same hang-ups, as to what people will think. 

Our society has completely washed their hands from taking public action towards any kind of mistreatment, and understandably so. What’s the point of letting your integrity and grace go off that easy in a society that has no law enforcement system (that works) whatsoever, instead, would defame the complaining individual’s family and him alike. What hope and encouragement is there for people who are not billionaires and the most morally corrupt souls out there? Mind you, these people are good. But society needs freedom, of every sort, to grow into a human he’s supposed to become, which corrupt people and systems block out so as to continue living the way they are, without disturbance

(Will discuss why freedom is important in later posts).

Thank you for reading!