Dust Clouds and Rainy Days

The truth of the matter is I have no idea what to blog about. I am the same person, sure, with the same amount of thoughts, but I also change. Hence I have decided to jump right into it and wing it, if you’ll bare with me. 

Everyone lies, we know that pretty well by now. But what is it about lying that just puts us down or sets us off? Is it the dishonesty? Most probably. But we are all dishonest in our day to day life, in the small things we do, when we interact with other people etc. But then we also differentiate between lies and ‘white’ lies. Now white lies are where the person lying has innocent or not malicious  intentions behind. Then there are different kinds of people, some will not lie at all, some will hide but not lie, some will lie to get revenge or the usual bad intention dishonesty, then there are the white liars, then there are people who will lie but will be egotistical about it and will never admit that they lied,  and some will admit. 

What is the best case scenario, and what is the worst? Well, that’s obvious. 

Recently, it has been nagging me that ‘would I be okay with someone lying to me?’ And I realized, that depends. For example, our parents keep things from us all the time, and when you later find out what they were you realize that they made a good decision as it would not help you, in that stage in life. 

So, even though it hurts your ego, you have to admit its not dishonesty, it’s the intentions that matter. It hurt my ego quite a bit. It is also the case that at times people lie and hide because they are ashamed of something, or simply not ready to open up. You can’t call that lying, that’s basic survival. Because they feel that if they tell you that particular thing prematurely, you might go away. 

We have developed a very odd society, which actually prospers in its famous way when people act like something they are not. When they hide their flaws by putting on make up, or use their dad’s name for perks, or hide the mistakes they made by lying and cheating. Genuine human emotions and desire are obviously going to fizzle out in rainy weather like this, where you have to duck and cover all of your being to be comfortable. Yes, comfortable. You will still live if you walk out in the rain, as much as society tells you that you will not survive. You might get wet, but you will be free. Our societies do not support that because then we would all walk out and create a dust cloud of things, which God only knows if ever will settle, and we humans are very afraid of erratic, random, unexplained, unexpected behavior. We are wusses, quite frankly. And oddly, is this same society, people will celebrate people who are different, who did follow society’s rigid rules, who grew out of it. At the same time we know that everyone is not exactly an Einstein, so if we give unquestioned freedom to people who are not yet, lets say, prepared for that kind of responsibility, what do we do with them? That is exactly where society comes in the limelight. It helps people who are not prepared to mature in an environment which is stable and dependable, and safe. 

Basically it all comes down to one thing: balancing between what is fair and just and what is not. And the minute we tip it more towards the negative side, we lose our way. Everything is beautiful, and admirable in a poetic way, but what is true does not change, and neither should we deviate from that. 


Genetic Machines

And to Shakespeare I owe my vision of the world as a theater, wherein all humans are acting out their parts. – James Broughton

In the past couple of weeks, I have experienced and/or witnessed many occurrences that were very much out of the ordinary. Some delightful, and some horrific.

It all left me thinking that it would be very unfortunate if this were the only life we had and no one was looking out for us. Although, many believe that there is no one out there – and they have very solid accusations behind that declaration.

A close friend’s brother, who I knew since childhood, passed away today. He was epileptic.. And 22. Hearing of his unfortunate passing gave me a sense of loss, twisted my insides into a sickening knot and reminded me of all the hours we had spent together, all at once. I know that all God’s things must return to Him, but this was too soon. Maybe its all for the better. But if he was that young and could pass away at that age, just because he had some medical condition, there was seriously something wrong with nature and its life cycle.. And us humans as well for messing around with genetics and children just because we’re still ignorant, at large, of all the complexities that are involved. I know it’s basic concept boils down to ‘survival of the fittest’, it still makes me feel angry that why are not things like these watched out for?

I’m aware of the fact that genetic orders and messes, and environment issues are of our own doing, and that we all have freedom to do whatever the hell we want with our lives, but doing that upon the cost of your child, or even some random person on the street or even someone on the internet is intolerably unfair.

Genetics play such an important role in the character and, later, personality of each human being that one cant stress the phenomenon enough. Once a person has something written in the software code to his cells, its almost impossible to change course of those cells to behave in a desired fashion.

I do not believe we can blame genetics for adultery, homosexuality, dishonesty and other character flaws. – Jerry Falwell

This.. Is true as well. Genetics are merely particular personality traits borrowed from our ancestors for our coming generations, and so on. What a person decides to do in the short span of his life-time, he must face the consequences on his own and not blame some unknown force that may or may not have been there.

There isnt a minute on this planet that isnt overwhelmingly, and supremely, joyful somewhere and devastating elsewhere. We must always keep that in mind. Knowing that there will always be good and bad people, we must work in our lifetime to give the coming generation to bring out the best in them using our developed system and nature.

We must be humans, and not animals. 

Also, so proud of Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy!!! The first ever Oscar that found it’s way home, because of her. I hope other men and women get motivated and start working on our, seriously lagging behind, cinematography sector.